Eric Dowsett
Eric Dowsett

7 day Energy Awareness - Yoga - Meditation Retreat

16 - 23 June 2018

What it is

The path of the fearless open heart
Move beyond limitations, allow the old paradigm based on past conditioning and disempowerment to fall away and effortlessly co-create a new reality based on compassion & awareness. This week long program will give you the tools, the awareness & the ability to gently disengage your energies from old, destructive patterns and begin to create a new reality for yourself, your family & community. The retreat offers a unique blend of teaching, clearing exercises, meditation, yoga and silent time with Eric Dowsett, founder of the energy clearing method. This program is dedicated to exploring and strengthening your awareness around who and what shows up in your life and why.

As your ability to understand the dynamics that create your experience increases so does your ability to make fundamental changes. Add to this mix the dynamics of the compassionate heart and this union of noticing and embracing provides an energetic shift releasing old charge from your personal energy system and the spaces you inhabit.

You will be guided in applying and integrating a revolutionary simple and practical way of dealing with Life so you feel grounded, whole, healthy, vital, complete and self-empowered. This retreat is open to all those who seek to move beyond past limitations.

Eric will provide you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms that initiate and perpetuate limiting belief patterns. These insights are very helpful steps in making friends with the Self, so it can return to a useful and helpful state, no longer needing to control things from a very contracted place. Sharing old wisdom and new insights mixed with his own experiences, Eric presents a unique and liberating way of being in the world based on awareness and compassion.

Paradox is life's logic
Our conditioned mind has led us to believe that we have to understand a problem and to do something in order to achieve change. The paradox in clearing is that the less we 'do' based on our limited understanding and the more we notice and let be change occurs all by itself in a way we could never imagine.

In this program we consciously create an environment in which you can relax and wind down. This allows you to be more pro-active and creative than ever before, coming from a place of clarity and flow, rather than from fear and contraction. You will loose the need for 'protection' and feel more grounded in dealing with who and what presents in your life.