Freek Dam
Freek Dam

Breath Intensive

17 - 22 April 2018

What it is

Freek Dam and his daughter Fenneke Dam are offering a 5-day Breath Intensive Retreat.
All the participants are invited to come into deep contact with themselves during this retreat.
With the aid of your own breath you will be able to find the connection with yourself again, and make an amazing inspiring, inner journey.

During this retreat we will use the breath and energy work to make more space for everything that lives within us and has restricted and limited us from the past. In order to reach authentic freedom, happiness and inspiration we need truly to relax in the present, in fact it’s the first and most fundamental step on our spiritual journey.

By conscious breathing, you will easily and directly gain access to all that lies in the shadow of your awareness. In different breathing sessions we will give you the opportunity to strengthen this living connection and to make a fundamental process of transformation and become aware of your true authentic self.

Awareness and breath are the two basic pillars of the process. They are supported by other techniques such as: yoga with pranayama techniques, Chi Gong, holistic pulsing and breath meditation.

Change and transformation doesn’t happen by itself. It requires bravery, commitment and determination. If you really take responsibility for your own happiness, anything is possible.

During the 5-day program we will be using different awareness exercises that can be easily adapted to your daily life.
The program also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sauna, Jacuzzi and lovely walks in the surrounding countryside.

The morning program will consist of yoga, a short meditation with pranayama and a group breath work session. In the afternoon there will be a group breath work session with Chi Gong and body awareness exercises.
In the evening program, a combined session where pranayama, breath meditation and Chi Gong will play an important role.

Depending on what is required in the moment there may be sound sessions, silence, sauna, water breath sessions, holistic pulsing and process oriented body work in the program.

Freek Dam is a very experienced spiritual guide and trainer, his daughter Fenneke has a lot of experience as a yoga teacher and is a breath coach. They both are living and working in the Netherlands and really look forward to guide you on your path to self realization.