Skadi van Paasschen

Yin Yoga Inner Quietness Retreat

21 - 26 July 2019

What it is

This is a unique opportunity to experience a retreat in a beautiful and safe environment.
There is plenty of opportunity for personal attention.  Finding your inner light to be connected to love, peace and quietness in heart, mind and body.

The objective is to create more awareness of your body, mind and soul. You will get a better insight in how you feel, recognise your limits and discover the core values that truly matter to you. With these, you will be able to take better care of yourself, become pro-active in taking the right actions to prevent that you deplete your energy and understand how you can strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual power in daily life.

This retreat is especially valuable for:

  • People who want to take a step back from their hectic lives, find inner peace and have time for self-reflection.
  • Yoga practitioners who want to deepen their yoga practice in a holistic manner with intensive and tailored guidance from an experienced teacher.
  • People who want to restore or strengthen their inner energy by working with the chi, body, mind and spirit.

Suggested Program

The Program

During the program, each day will consist of yin-yang yoga, yoga nidra practice and meditation sessions. The program will begin upon the date of arrival with an introduction to the retreat.


Day of arrival:
15:30 Arrive at Mandali retreat center
16:00 Introduction to the retreat and Yin Yoga
18:30 Dinner. Free time to walk around, get to know each other.
And if you have special requests or if you have injuries, this is the time to tell Skadi
20:00 Meditation.

Regular day schedule:
06:30 – 08:30 Meditation, Yin-yang yoga and pranayama
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 – 11:30 silence walk
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 17:00 Free time
17:00 – 18:30 Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra
After this till breakfast - Silence / Quietness
18:30 – 20:00 Dinner
20:00 – 20:45 Meditation

Day of departure :
06:30 – 08:30 Meditation and Yin Yoga
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
09:00 – 10:00 Check out of room