Bram de Wit
Bram de Wit & Peter van Gelder

Mandali Mindfulness Training

23 - 30 June 2018

What it is

If you are keen to invest in the quality of life, find new approaches to dealing with challenging circumstances and want to cultivate fresh and precise insights into your habitual patterns, a training in Mindfulness is a good place to start.

Mindfulness training offers ‘the best of both worlds’. It combines powerful tools from eastern meditation with western psychological insights, enabling you to develop profound insight and understanding into how your mind works within a very short period of time. You’ll learn how to use this knowledge to regain inner balance and authority over your own life.

Reasons to participate?

  • You feel you’re being lived
  • You want to reduce the ‘load’ of day-to-day life
  • You want to be able to enjoy peace, introspection and silence
  • You want to be less wrapped up in your thoughts
  • You experience physical discomfort due to tension and stress
  • You want to improve how you deal with (challenging) emotions
What to expect?

Mindfulness training is an experience-based training. It consists of 8 sessions of 2,5 hours, plus one full day of deepening. You learn through practice and develop skills by the power of repetition.

The Mandali Mindfulness Training covers 8 days and is a variation on the classical ‘8 week MBSR’ training.

During the sessions, Mindfulness theory and practice are interspersed, with dedicated space to discuss and deepen experiences. By focussing on your experience, you allow your awareness to be sharpened and this can lead to profound insight. The daily schedule provides plenty of space to allow for your insights to settle and anchor themselves, so they can become of most benefit to you.

Important information for participants:

  • The Mandali Mindfulness Training is a training in Mindfulness. It’s not a substitute for Psychotherapy.
  • The training is not a substitude for medication, therapy or therapeutic treatment.
  • We will send you a questionnaire prior to the training. Your participation is final after approval by the trainers.