Elena Baraff

Yoga, Mandali Experience Teacher

Elena started her yoga practice at the age of 17 due to constant back pain and found immediate relief.
She continued practicing for 10 more years before finding her teacher Maty Ezraty and attending her teachers training.
As a part of her own journey for living with kyphosis and scoliosis she completed her pilates certification and yoga therapy Studies.

In her classes she combines all worlds into an alignment based flow that makes you work and leaves you with a good feeling in your body and a relaxed mind.
She has been practicing vipassana and metta bhavana meditation and often combines it in the practice.
She is a passionate student of anatomy and physiology and loves photography and nature.
She was born in Russia, grew up in Israel and lived in Panama and Costa Rica. At the moment she lives in Switzerland.
She is a traveler of the world and an eternal explorer.

Things that make her grateful to be alive are spending time in nature, especially the ocean.
Her dog and husband.
Practicing and teaching yoga.
Exploring new places and connecting with great people.