Julia Monosova

Yoga, Mandali Experience Teacher

Julia was born and raised in Ukraine but her yoga journey didn’t start until she moved to the USA where she experienced a deep existential crisis at a tender age of 23. This was when she met her first spiritual teacher and discovered the yogic path. That meeting has changed her life forever.

After studying privately for two years with her teacher she took her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organization and returned the following year to complete the advanced training. Her thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. She subsequently earned her certification with Qi-Yo Multi Yoga System in India a few years later. She is also a certified Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga instructor. Her latest yoga teacher training was in Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa (one of the most knowledgeable and influential yoga masters of our time). Studying with Andrey was one of the most profound experiences in her life. Julia has acquired over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training on her journey thus far.
In the beginning of her yoga “career” Julia mainly taught in NYC and Los Angeles. Eventually she started teaching internationally. Since then she has taught yoga in different parts of the world, including Hawaii, India, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Italy and Ukraine.
Julia also teaches kids yoga for Camp Harmony, a charity organization that works with impoverished children in Los Angeles. And, she organizes an annual International Charity Yoga Retreat in Thailand, to support a local Buddhist Monastery. She was also featured in TV episodes – YogaXpress.

Healthy diet and cooking is Julia’s other passion. She has been studying and practicing Macrobiotics since 2010 and completed her Macrobiotic Counselor training with David Briscoe in 2016. She regularly attends and cooks at Macrobiotic Conferences, Vegan Cruises, etc. She has been cooking at various Yoga and Meditation Retreats and occasionally she works as a private “healing foods” chef.

Julia offers group classes as well as private sessions, which allow her to bring an added focus on nutrition and spiritual study. She offers Macrobiotic consultations, as an essential supplement to a healthy lifestyle. She also teaches vegan cooking workshops and detox retreats online and offline.

Through her personal journey, Julia has discovered the powerful benefits of yoga and Macrobiotics including increased energy and vitality, reduced risk of disease, weight maintenance, greater tranquility, and compassion for oneself and others. This experience completely transformed her life, and she was inspired to dedicate herself to helping others by sharing the knowledge of yoga to empower and inspire others.

Julia practices Vipassana meditation, which combined with yoga allows her to live in harmony with nature and maintain an internal equilibrium. She spends her leisure time enjoying the outdoors, including biking, camping, hiking, social dancing, traveling, studying languages, and exploring new countries. Julia is very enthusiastic about living a healthy and satisfying life dedicated to spiritual fulfillment, selfless service and charity.

Learn morw about Julia: www.juliamonosova.com