Marianne Gubri

Marianne Gubri, born in France and living in Italy, combines an original and unique musical path with a search for personal development.

From an early age, she devoted herself to the study of the Celtic harp in Brittany (France) and in 2002 obtained a Diploma in Ancient Harp at the Conservatory of Tours and a Degree in Musicology, subsequently graduating from the International Harp Therapy Program (San Diego) and in Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy (USA). She has been participating for more than 20 years in the International School of Self Awareness programs for the development of human potential, studying meditation, yoga, sacred movements and spiritual traditions.

Marianne performs in numerous concerts and international tours worldwide with repertoires of both traditional and modern Celtic music.
She has also participated in more than 15 different recordings and has released 2 solo albums with her compositions (Ankaa and Believe), an album with composer Roberto Passuti (Vita Nuova) and 2 albums with the duo Harp & Hang (Menhir and Nyanga). She has published the scores of her compositions with Stella Mattutina and 3 methods for the Celtic harp . Since 2008, she has directed the Harp School of the Cultural Association "Arpeggi" of Bologna which she founded. She is the artistic director of the Bologna Harp Festival and director of the International Harp Therapy Program Italy and France.

As well as being a speaker and organiser in numerous conferences in harp-therapy for TEDx conferences, European Quantum Activism, for various projects in hospitals, she also organizes seminars on harp-therapy, sound healing and meditation for private foundations and yoga centers.
Facebook - @MarianneGubriHarpist
Instagram - @mariannegubri

Marianne’s Favourite Quote
All the creation resonates on the frequency of love