Olga WuWei

Olga WuWei received direct transmission of ancient knowledge from a recognized Chinese Master-净空, Jing Kong. She lived 6 years in China, 2 years at the mountain in WuWei Zen temple as a direct student of the Master, in order to bring eastern practices and philosophy of China to the West.

She has been practicing Qigong since she was 17 years old with various Masters. When she was 27 she sold her successful business and went to China to study Buddhism, Taijiquan, and Kung-Fu at the Wu Wei Temple hidden from civilization. There she accepted Buddhism and became a direct student of the abbot of the temple and in the future a teacher who transfers her knowledge to foreign and Chinese students.
Over the years, she transferred knowledge in China to Chinese and foreign students, in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Now she has hundreds of students from more than 20 countries around the world.

About Olga's Master- 净空, Jing Kong, which was officially given to Olga to describe the life of Master. It was translated to English by his Chinese disciples.

The Grand Master JingKong, who followed his master to learn martial arts, practiced diamond sutra and distinguished herbal medicine when he was 6 years old. Then he traveled around the whole country to find the grandmasters to learn different genres of martial arts and Dharma in his youth. He learned martial arts with grand monk De Chan in Shaolin Temple and the Kung Fu Master Yang Gui Wu. He also learned Dharma with the grand monk Ming Dao in the Qiong Zhu temple. In 1988 he arrived at WuWei Temple which is located at DaLi, the first time he saw the temple it was totally ruined, he just made great vows to recover the ancestral Chamber. For decades, he rebuilt the temple to make the monks stay safe, to spread Dharma, traditional Chinese culture, and martial arts. In 1995, one after another foreign students were attracted to come to the temple and started to follow Jing Kong master to learn Zen and Kung Fu. By now, there are more than 120 nationality students who have been here to study. Right now, Master Jing kong is in his long-term retreat to read the Tripitaka Sutra. He wished his persistent cultivation could make himself spread the Dharma better, to clear people's conscience, to make the society harmonious and all beings safe and happy!

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/olga.wuwei/