Rolandjan Van Mulligen

Rolandjan has dedicated himself to the practice of meditation for more than 20 years and has had the privilege to have met and still meet many profound teachers on his way. Through their guidance, they were able to help him deepen his experiential understanding of true yoga, self-realisation, and meditation.

As an embodied teacher, his yoga and meditation classes are always guided with lightness and unfold from the present moment. Rolandjan will move you from focusing the attention from a limited personal state of mind into our natural state of peaceful Presence by using self-inquiry. His teachings are mostly rooted in an Advaita Vedanta perspective, the teachings of non-duality or Oneness, including also the human experience.
Alongside yoga & meditation, he also shares connected breathwork, one to one and group-sessions. For him this is a beautiful extra tool to bring healing to trauma & blockages, and to lovingly meet the unconscious parts within ourselves. To welcome everything with love & compassion, so on a deeper level we can heal and integrate.

Besides yoga, meditation, and breathwork Rolandjan also has a great passion for music, evolving over the years from dj-ing in Amsterdam to sharing ecstatic dance journeys during his retreats.

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