Birgit Kunzli

Yoga, Mandali Experience Teacher

Birgit is an international teacher, trainer and author. She uses Yoga as a tool to expand awareness, peace and non - violence. She has been doing Yoga & Meditation for more than twenty years. She is dedicated to bring peace and non violence around the world through listening. She thinks that there is no better tool than awareness.

Birgit gives Yoga & Yin Yoga teacher trainings off and online, she has her own online Yoga school (Inner Yoga Academy), travels the world for seminars, retreats, and conferences to make people know them selves better and bring kindness, peace and silence to their everyday life.
She is an author of two books, one on authenticity and one on Yin Yoga.
Her newest project is the “World Peace Project”, that will help teach people that every word, thought and action of one person is constantly influencing the whole world, and through that awareness make the world a better place.

Her main passion is the ocean where, after dedicating the day to others, she spends the rest surfing.

You can explore Birgit’s website - -
or her YouTube Channel for more information (Information is manly in Italian) - Birgit Kunzli YouTube