Freek Dam

Breathwork, Chi Gong

It has been my passion and hearts desire to support people in growth and awareness training since I graduated from my psychology study.
One guideline has proven to be very valuable in all those years: Let it be. Can we be aware and accept what we really experience?

Being authentic and genuine means that you embrace everything that you encounter in your life. Without shutting off or loosing yourself in what we go through.
Allow the meeting between everything what we seem to be and what we really are.

In the last thirty years I have done a lot of training and guiding of different groups in very different circumstances. Most of them with a lot of pleasure, humor and passion.
Retreats for yoga and meditation, the designing and training of leaderships courses in business and industry.

Voice Dialogue training in Scandinavia and non-violent communication and anti-aggression training in the waste processing of local community’s.
Training on haptonomic basis with horses to deepen personal functioning in company jobs. Training of police deputies on obstacle courses to increase their skills in the directing of their teams.
Pushing hands exercises from the Tai Chi Shuang for management/board in car business companies and organization setups for Greenpeace.
Voice work in small theater groups and coaching by walking in nature for people with burnout.

My spiritual work emerges in The White Tower Training where Chi Gong, breath work, yoga en energetic work come together.
I consider myself lucky to be able to guide people in their search for fundamental freedom and authentic happiness.

I am really looking forward for the great opportunity to give the Breath Intensive Retreat again, together with my daughter Fenneke in the beautiful Mandali Retreat Center by Lago D’Orta.
A place where we invite you to strengthen the bond with your  nature.

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