Marco Peduzzi

Meditation, Hatha Yoga

Marco Peduzzi, trained by Claudio Conte and Patrick Tomatis, has been teaching yoga for more than 25 years.
He attended the four-years teacher training course at S.F.I.D.Y. (Scuola di Formazione all'Insegnamento dello Yoga) in Milano, based on two different yoga styles: the teaching of Nil Hahoutoff and the Yoga of Energy by Rogér Clerc and Boris Tatzkij. He attended many post-training courses and retreats approved by F.N.E.Y. (French National Yoga Teachers Federation) e by Y.A.N.I. (Italian national yoga teachers association), of which he is a member.

For the past few years, he has kept training through the study and practice of the non-dual tantric tradition, mainly with the guidance of Eric Baret, attending his annual retreats. Together with Bianca Tosi, he runs the studio “SpazioYoga” in Milan, giving classes and retreats in Milan and in the Novara province, where he lives. He has been contributing as a yoga teacher to the Mandali Experience retreats at The Mandali Retreat Center, since its opening. He contributes to the magazine “Percorsi Yoga”, published by Y.A.N.I., both as an author and as a part of the editorial staff.

His teaching includes many different practices, mainly coming from Hatha-Yoga and from its contemporary evolutions: poses (Asana), slow-flowing sequences, relaxation tecniques, breath awareness and control (Pranayama), concentration and meditation.

From a pedagogical point of view, the teaching is based on clean and accurate technical instructions, combined with the creation of the most favourable conditions to let the practitioners come back to their original state of presence and inner quietness. As far as possible, each technique is explained in the same moment in which it is experienced, without interrupting the flow of a deep listening of one’s reactions and feelings. These eventually become the practitioner’s true teacher. Even the most demanding of practices, from a physical point of view, are shared within this quality of listening, following a progressive preparation, oriented to release any unnecessary tension and to drop any idea of performance, competition or achievement of any kind.