Peter Harper


Peter has been fascinated with understanding the meaning of life since he was a child. It was in 1981 when he travelled to India that he started to find some direction to finding answers to the simple questions, ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Where do I come from?’, ‘Where am I going?’… and finally…‘Will it take long?!’

In the years that followed he developed an understanding of his true nature through the practice of Eastern Meditation and the study of Western therapy and Psychology. Peter worked to bring together these two disciplines and spent many years disseminating these teachings to surface the essence of his work:

To create an accessible spiritual practice for modern society. It is through his explorations and research that he has developed a modern understanding of the nature of consciousness.
Having examined many self discovery systems it is the Enlightenment Intensive process of Charles Berner that he has come to value the most for its simplicity and efficiency. It has the direct and honest nature of Zen with a simple structure that is accessible to everyone, guiding the person straight to the point, which is the Essential Self.

Peter currently lives with his partner in the Pre Alps of Northern Italy where he divides his time working as a Spiritual Guide and in his recording studio where he produces Conscious Music and Guided Meditations. His learning and exploration continues as he continuously experiments to create sounds that enhance a state of wellbeing and sharing new ways to naturally be, fulfilled and satisfied. His down to earth narrative and rich sense of Scottish humour embrace his approach and makes his guidance accessible for everyone.

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