Anurag & Siddho

Meditation, Trauma Healing

Siddho Marchesi met Osho and meditation in 1978.
She graduated in Psychological and Social Sciences and for over thirty years has combined her knowledge with meditation to support people’s growth.
She is experienced in several approaches; among them are Ericksonian Hypnosis, Star Sapphire Energywork, Family and Relationship Constellations, Workshops for women only, Trauma Work, NARM (Neuro Affective Relationship Model) and Breath. She works in Italy, Europe and India. She touches the heart of people who meet her. In 2007 she founded Osho Tao Essence Institute and keeps nourishing it with her heartful energy.
Anurag Gaeta leads growth workshops centred on creativity, work and professions.
In recent years he has also been dealing with topics related to men’s growth leading a workshop called “Virility and Grace”, a transformation work aiming at overcoming male conditionings.
He leads the Basic Training in Family Constellations with Siddho Marchesi and is co-creator of two different paths: Tao Essence Coaching for Life and Aware leader: the way to an effortless leadership.
In the field of management, he uses meditation and the systemic approach to improve relationships among individuals and develop social creativity. Putting together Taoist and systemic principles, he created the Five-Element Constellations, a helpful method to re-establish balance and functioning in the psychophysical system. He founded no-effort management® in 2003 and Osho Tao Essence Institute in 2007.

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