Thea Crudi

Sound Therapy, Mandali Experience Teacher

Thea is an International Mantra Singer, a Spiritual Artist, an Author, a Yogini, a Sound Healer, and for several years she has been focusing her spiritual research on sound as a means of meditation, considering it as a connection between the visible and the invisible. She is also a lecturer, a performer, a composer, a speaker and since almost 10 years she is called by various festivals and conferences around the world to give workshops and lectures about vedic philosophy, sanskrit Mantras and yogic lifestyle. She is deeply passionate about her studies of the Yoga of Sound, the Vedas and the ancient Indian life philosophy.

Thea’s concentrated blend of sacred sound seamlessly unites the East and the West in a methodical and unique style. The atmosphere emanating from her performance creates a majestic bridge between these cultures which harmonises their seemingly opposite perspectives.
As well as having continued her education in prestigious European Conservatories, Thea lived in Java (Indonesia), where she specialised in Sindhenan, traditional Javanese Gamelan singing, as well as Javanese traditional dance and music. She also studied at the prestigious Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Surakarta (ISI) where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the power of Mantras in the spiritual Eastern vocality. She studied with great Masters and performed with world-renowned artists.

She has excelled in the practice of Sanskrit Mantras in Italy and in India. During her stay in Rishikesh, on the coast of the river Ganges, she underwent intense spiritual experiences in harmony with the ancient Vedic tradition.
Since 2013 Thea has been performing Sacred Mantra Concerts and giving Spiritual Seminars and Retreats all around Italy, Europe, India and America. Her music has been selected as soundtrack for two movies in Italy: “Il Fascino dell’Impossibile” (2015) by director Silvano Agosti and "Choose Love" (2018) by director Thomas Torelli. She has released 4 Albums chanting the sacred Sanskrit Mantras: - Mantra Yoga (2015) - Guru Mantra (2016) - Vaikuntha Mantra (2018) - Divine Mantras (2020)