Tyler Micocci

"Body, emotions and mind: the search for your truth starts here"

Tyler leads people towards well-being with Coaching, Meditation and Kundalini Yoga.
For more than 25 years he has been teaching yoga and meditation. In his professional experience he has always been concerned with the well-being of people. He founded two holistic centers, one in Rome and one in Milan, his training was first of all personal when he attended the meditation groups of his paternal grandfather, an experience that greatly influenced his personal and professional path. In addition to working in the field of yoga, he trained in various counseling schools specializing in various topics such as: relationships, the inner child and dependencies, work on emotional trauma, self-esteem and inner value.

The method that Tyler proposes is based on the interaction between body, emotion and mind. The purpose of this approach is to help people “go out of their box”, made of protection and masks, to discover their inner truth so that that truth can guide them in having a more fulfilling, free and a better life.

His work focuses on helping people find clear direction and freedom of expression, in the relationship with themself and others. He has been trained in the following methodologies: Relational and Holistic Counselling with Working with People, Counselling in Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetics with SIBIG (Milan), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner of the SE ™ Institute of Trauma Healing by Peter Levine, Learning Love Institute of Krisnananda and Amana Trobe and Systemic Family Constellation with Parful Saracino (Rome).

He works as a trainer in #Authentic Leader – the first Italian leadership training for entrepreneurs and the Deep Dive program of Honest Personal Development.
Tyler leads Personal Growth & Transformation Seminars working on Self Love & Relationships. He is Co-founder of Feel Free Connecting Body & Mind.
His work has evolved into discovering how to surrender without giving up, finding trust in the capacity of opening our heart and going deeper.

For further information: www.feelfree.training